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KRT Composite

KWD 190.000


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The ST5 KRT carries a Snell SK2015 rating. It is designed specifically for the adult karter. It also has all the same features of the ST5 auto range, with replaceable cheek pads and crown pads so it can be custom fitted to the wearer�s head. Just like the CMR, all the shields and accessories will fit the Stilo ST5 auto range. It features the same double-position shield lock as all Stilo ST5 models, extra venting, anti-fog shields and Stilo engineering to make it the lightest Snell K rated helmet available. The ST5 KRT is available in sizes 55, 57, 59, 60, 61, 63 and 64. The ST5 KRT is available in white w/black interior, white w/red interior or white w/blue interior.

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